Thursday, December 10

Y this; Y now?

I'd been thinking about starting a blog to write my MS story for a few months now.  Even tho i was tossing the idea around, i never gave it too much thought because:
  • I never had a diary (i tried, but never could never get past the 1st page)
  • I am shy (some people say otherwise, but i really am)
  • I barely understood the whole concept of blogging
  • I didn't think anyone would really be interested in my story
  • What if i have nothing to write about, then what?
I told a couple people and they all said, yes, that would be a good idea, but i still wasn't convinced.  Then one day, i was playing around, kinda bored and logged onto this site and published 1 post.  I told "S" i was going to do it and he encouraged me; told me that i had a good story to tell.  The first post was short and i really wasn't sure how i would continue.  Well!  It's been 19! (but who's counting) posts later and i can safely say that i am thoroughly enjoying it - never in a million years would i have thought that i'd actually want to tell this story. 

At first, i would ask people if they would read it and then send the link but then, slowly but surely i realized that while this is cathartic and therapeutic to me, it's touched people in ways that I NEVER expected and so i've been sharing the link and letting people know that if they think someone else might benefit from how I've been handling the situation, forward it along.  The responses I've gotten from allyuh (y'all/ u all) have been tremendous/awesome (i can't say that word, i sound like a fool when i do; but I CAN write it). 

So "THANK YOU!!!" for allowing me to share and honestly, I think it's also made me realize that i really am handling this "awful" situation in the best way possible.

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  1. You're welcome and yes you are....I don't say this either but I can write it (heeheehee)Yo go girl (how corny is that??)