Friday, May 9

It's (almost) That Time Again

Fete of the year!!

Cooler fete is 5/17.  Is in the same place as last year so does that mean Dekalb County's Finest Morons/Assholes will leave us alone? They didn't shut it down last year so there's hope. This year should be better than ever - it's the 10 year anniversary so there's a top DJ (imported straight from Trinidad) AND a BOSS artiste.  I plan to go get my haircut and GO STRAIGHT BACK HOME! Will do my eyebrows on Friday.

Wednesday, May 7

Scooter is...

a "problem"? - **GASP!!!**

This year, I'll b here for Atlanta carnival on Memorial Day weekend.  I was actually thinking of going somewhere (last year I went home) but u know what they say bout the best laid plans so...when I realized that I'd be here, I had to make a decision. To go on the road or to not go on the road???

Hmmmm 2 years ago, about 3/4 way thru the route, the scorching sun and glorious heat started taking a toll on my body and my fingers started slipping off the scooter controls - that's when G started driving and...well...remember what happened??? Lol. Do I want to put us thru that again?!? Well, barring that I can go on the truck - I've done that many times before (Miami, DC)...I can more than do it right here in Atlanta. I feel like doing that this year? Quite frankly, I don't really think the parade in Atlanta is that great so...but I am a carnival jumbie so I decided that what the heck, I'll do it...but then I started thinking..."Uh oh. What about the scooter?" The DJs are okay with me on the truck...but the scooter??? I can't leave it behind cuz we hadda get from wherever we park to the band so I'll need it. It's bad enuf that they'll hadda haul my ass up on the truck but now I'll hadda ask them to haul the scooter up too? (If there's even room for it!)

I decided against it. I don't feel like asking anyone to put me and my motorbike (yes.  OB calls it that sometimes- LOL) on their truck. So for the first time in how much ever years (ever since I discovered Atlanta carnival?), I'll b liming, drinking (INSIDE A HOME), waiting "patiently" for everyone to reach back after everything done. I hope I make it.

You'll see how well I handled sometime next month when I write that post!  Lol!

Monday, May 5

Guest Post by Hannah Taylor

I was approached by Hannah Taylor, "a healthy-living enthusiast, wife and mother of 5 fur babies who runs My Claim Source (a website dedicated to offering free health insurance resources)" to write a guest post here.   this was new to me - eh?  Noone had ever approached me before, but once i looked into it,  i agreed.  below is the post from Hannah…enjoy!

Happy or Healthy?

Excellent health and happiness have somewhat become the universal gist for toasts and best wishes for many occasions. While it's true that good health fosters happiness, can we say that happiness leads to greater health? What would you rather be - healthy or happy? 

Why choose when you can be both at the same time?

Do Laugh More

  • When they say "laughter is the best medicine", they don't just mean that figuratively. Quite literally, it is the best medicine. Laughter boosts your immune system, eases your fear and anxiety, relieves stress and improves your mood. Plus, it's free.

Do Spend Time in Nature

  • Regular contact with Mother Nature will do wonders to your health. Enjoying time among trees and in nature can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, boost your immunity, improve circulation, and enhance your sense of well being and relaxation. Remember, fresh air is good for you.

Do Eat Well

  • Clean eating is essential in maintaining good health. Eating various ranges of healthy foods ensures that our body gets all the nutrients it needs. It can reduce our risk of various diseases and help us feel our best. Healthy does not mean boring and bland. Cooking and eating well will give you the opportunity be creative and have fun with your food.

Do Sleep Well

  • Getting enough quality sleep is important to our overall health and well-being. When we sleep, our body heals and restores itself. It's relaxing and rejuvenating and it keeps us on our toes and doing our best.

Do Exercise Regularly

  • Physical activity and exercise are good for you. There are lots of fun ways you can stay fit without going to a gym - run, rock climb, bike, play an instrument, drum on the kitchen counter, play tag with your children, walk the dog, swim and the list goes on. Staying active improves endurance, strength and flexibility. It helps us look and feel better everyday.

Whether you love dancing or treating yourself to that occasional square of dark chocolate, your path to better health and wellness can be fun-filled and doable. Getting healthy for more years in your life is sometimes just a matter of putting a smile on your face and a little spring in your step.

thanks Hannah for this…these are things we all (sick or not sick) can benefit from!

Thursday, May 1

Lent and...

It's over and I failed miserably. I ended up forking over $ - was it really "miserable"? Definitely was a failure!  There's something about cussing - sometimes, it really drives your point home and is completely necessary!  One of the most painful things that I (and one or two people close to me) have had to endure is a cane falling on my toe/foot - seriously, it hurts like hell. Once or twice, it happened during lent...I screamed out the "F" bomb and then when it occurred to me that I wasn't supposed to b cussing, I'd say,"shit!". So right there I'd hadda give up .50c one time. STEUPS!!! Anyway, it's done so I can cuss freely now if I choose - and I choose :-)

The other night I dreamt AGAIN! UGH! This time tho, I was at an Expo of sorts on my scooter and for some reason, I got off to go do something.  When I got back, it was COMPLETELY stripped. All that was left was the shell (it wasn't like my actual scooter so "they" were able to take parts and leave back a shell) wheels, no seat, no cup holders, NOTHING. I had the shell.  I couldn't believe it!  I woke up soon after - I think - but that in itself was a FRIGGIN NIGHTMARE!!  lol I eh go lie, I've actually had a thought of driving it to my car, leaving it parked in the deck and heading out but that was a fleeting thought and something that I'll never ever do. If I'm feeling out of sorts and I'm by myself, I'll just stay in.  I'm not sure what I'll do if I get back and it's not in the same spot - just thinking bout it makes me ill! you were, I gone so!