Monday, April 30

Sigh...this MS

I found myself in a bit of a pickle this past weekend.

I was caught in an awkward, slightly embarrassing situation that for the life of me, i couldn't get out of.  I wasn't at home, spent the night out and very long story short, i ended up on my back on the floor of a room and COULD NOT MOVE!  Luckily, i was by extended family so as embarrassing as the shit was, it could have been much, much worse.  How do i know for sure that it's okay to blame the MS?  My heart was racing, i really was in a panic and trying so hard to get up but i just couldn't - i really was stressing!  when i say, my body wasn't going anywhere, i mean it wasn't going anywhere - all i could do was move my arms.   I went as far as to call out for help, but alas, that didn't work either...

Eventually i told myself that if i just lay there and try to be calm, everything would be okay.  That soon as my heart stopped racing and i calmed down, I was able to get up and move around.

Fucking MS!!!

Friday, April 27

Up to 7 - Steups

yesterday morning i fell in my kitchen.  I hit my head (and boy did it hurt) but all was well afterward, so no need for concern.  i also forgot about 1 that i'd lost track of - don't know what made me think of it the other day so i'm up to 7 for the year :-(  7 falls in 4 months - oh goody!

Wednesday, April 25

Funny Story bout that Ink

so...long story short, i was getting a paper from a guy to sign and reached out my left hand so that i could sign with my right and the conversation went like this:
me: sure i'll sign it
fella: oh my mother has MS too
me (in my head): eh?  what?  i never said i had MS..what the?  out loud: oh, how did you know?
fella: uhm (and points to my wrist) (i know that in his head, he was thinking "duh!  it's right there on your wrist"
me: OH!  LOL (anyone who knows me knows that i literally laughed OUT LOUD)!!!  I just got it 2 weeks ago...i completely forgot - LOL!!! 

Well we had a good laugh, talked about his mother a little and then went on with our days.

Tuesday, April 24

Superpower Day

So i signed up to take a 30 post challenge- 30 days, 30 posts (on this blog) and i FAILED miserably.  It was supposed to be for the month of APril.  If i'm not mistaken, 4/1 was either a Saturday or Sunday, so from the get go, i was out!  well, one of the topics was a Superpower Day.  If you had 1 superpower for 1 day, what would it be?

I believe that mine would be the ability to teleport.  Do you know  just how many days, i look up to the top of the steps and think, "ugh!, y can't i just sleep/stay down here?" OR if i go somewhere and have to walk in to a place and the walk happens to be a long walk (I try to save my walking for important stuff), do what i have to do, then walk BACK out!!  it would be so nice if i could close my eyes or click my fingers and in 2 secs i could be where i need to be. bout if i could close my eyes or wave my hands and me and all my fellow MSers and all sick people could be healed -wouldn't that be great?  i could wake up the next morning and go back to a dance school, i'd go home for the next Carnival for sure and tell Tysabri to kiss my ass!  I'll keep the canes tho - they kinda cool and i like them.

ooooh...also how bout if i realize i going and eat dirt/concrete and i'm in a lil embarrassing situation, i could close my eyes and become invisible.  now, that would be great! hmmmm, what else????

okay...i'll stop now.  maybe it's just as well that i don't have a superpower for a day - i wouldn't know what to choose!

Friday, April 20


A few years ago, i decided that i wanted a tattoo.  A few people told me that it's permanaent so you really want to put something that means a lot to u, think about it carefully, the shit is permanent etc. etc.  well i couldnt think of anything, so i started piercing my ears instead(!)  i have a cartilage piercing and a tragus piercing in addition to 2 holes in my lobes (all in the same ear) - btw, a tragus is the little flap right above the ear canal (Who the hell knew!!)- sounds almost rude.

about 3 weeks ago, i'm not sure what i was doing and it hit me...i want an MS related tattoo.  i mean, the shit is not going anywhere, it has alot of meaning to me, have to deal with it every day - that's a good one to have (i think).  i now have this on the inside of my left wrist (i thought it fitting on the left side since that is my trouble side)...

Wednesday, April 18

An Award

Got an award today!  thanks Karen @ Meandering...One Moment Please!!!

Liebster is a German word that translates to; dearest, beloved or in this case favorite. The idea of the Liebster Award is to give it to an up and coming blog with fewer than 200 followers. – in order to create new connections, and bring attention to their wonderful blogs. 

Thanks again Karen!

Here are the conditions that go along with accepting the award;

1. Thank the Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you the award.
3.  Copy and paste the Liebster Blog Award on your blog.
4. Present the award to 5 bloggers who have a following 200 or less, who you feel deserve it.
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Sherry @ Messy Mind
Macajuel @ Two With Slight......
Herrad @ Access Denied - Living with Multiple Sclerosis
Wizzy the Stick @ Breakfast Lunch Dinner Punch
Nicole @ My New Normals

Tuesday, April 17

MS Walk Atlanta 2012

I've been scarce these past few days - i been busy, busy, busy - work, organising the ts for the walk, all kinda ting - forgive me!

Anyhoo, so i went to the gym yesterday and while i was resting between sets, an older woman came up to me and said, "u r great.  i just wanted to tell u that u are my inspiration to get here...everytime i think "uh, I don't want to go to the gym", i think about u...i think, "if she can do it, i defintiely can" and i drag myself here".  she made my day!  it was so nice to have someone who i don't even know (and truth be told, i can't even sasy that i've ever seen/noticed her before) come up to me and say that.... :-)

The Walk was Saturday.  We had great weather (even tho i was ah lil cold riding thru the park), a great turnout and a great time was had by all.  I can't thank everyone enuf for coming out. After the walk, most of us moved the lime to Tucker and the good times continued (everyone had strict instructions from K that there was to be NO LIMIN in any bars downtown, we could go NOWHERE butTucker because i had to go to a party later that nite and the lime in Tucker would take less of a toll on my body than out and about)...enjoy a few pictures...

Wednesday, April 4


I'm banned from...
  • Entering a liquor store
  • Taking a dip in the ocean
  1. It's weird how things happen.  9 1/2 years ago, G and I found the perfect house for us (or so we thought at the time - today, my idea of perfect is a little flatter).  There are 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are of comparable size (not a HUGE one and 2 closets) so we were both able to each have our own big nice space in which to live.  yeah there were 32 steps, but who really cared at that point - that's how we could get our exercise :-) and lo and behold, wouldn't u know it, the little strip mall thing next door had a liquor store!  WOW!!!  it was PERFECTION!!!  over the years, of course we forged a relationship with the owners.  we know them, they know us - i mean c'mon, it's been 10 years (in August).  well, these days, i'm not allowed to go into Nick's - not that i really want to anyway; i'm deathly afraid of what could happen.  The picture in my head is one of my being on the floor covered in vodka and broken bottles.  what the hell will my bill be that day????  i shudder to think!
  2. a few years ago (think it was 2009), i was in Miami for carnival and we went to the beach.  Back then, i wasn't using the cane and off i went into the ocean.  well...long story short, every time a wave broke, it slammed me down and back - i wasn't far out at all.  A was trying to tell me that i should come out, but those were my hero days, so i was trying to brave the shit out.  By the time i figured that maybe i should come out and not let the ocean win the battle, i could barely walk out (of course) and (those of u who are frequent beach goers will understand this) i looked like one of those kids who bathe in the sand and come out with a shitload of sand in their bathsuit.  So, naturally, i'm not allowed to go in the water anymore!!!
These bans are actually not self imposed, but i recognize that they make sense and probably are for the best so i adhere.