Tuesday, April 24

Superpower Day

So i signed up to take a 30 post challenge- 30 days, 30 posts (on this blog) and i FAILED miserably.  It was supposed to be for the month of APril.  If i'm not mistaken, 4/1 was either a Saturday or Sunday, so from the get go, i was out!  well, one of the topics was a Superpower Day.  If you had 1 superpower for 1 day, what would it be?

I believe that mine would be the ability to teleport.  Do you know  just how many days, i look up to the top of the steps and think, "ugh!, y can't i just sleep/stay down here?" OR if i go somewhere and have to walk in to a place and the walk happens to be a long walk (I try to save my walking for important stuff), do what i have to do, then walk BACK out!!  it would be so nice if i could close my eyes or click my fingers and in 2 secs i could be where i need to be.

or...how bout if i could close my eyes or wave my hands and me and all my fellow MSers and all sick people could be healed -wouldn't that be great?  i could wake up the next morning and go back to a dance school, i'd go home for the next Carnival for sure and tell Tysabri to kiss my ass!  I'll keep the canes tho - they kinda cool and i like them.

ooooh...also how bout if i realize i going and eat dirt/concrete and i'm in a lil embarrassing situation, i could close my eyes and become invisible.  now, that would be great! hmmmm, what else????

okay...i'll stop now.  maybe it's just as well that i don't have a superpower for a day - i wouldn't know what to choose!


  1. Damn, you beat me to the punch. Teleporting has always been my number one pick with invisibility and the ability to fly coming a close second and third.

  2. can't think of a better super power than teleporting.