Friday, April 20


A few years ago, i decided that i wanted a tattoo.  A few people told me that it's permanaent so you really want to put something that means a lot to u, think about it carefully, the shit is permanent etc. etc.  well i couldnt think of anything, so i started piercing my ears instead(!)  i have a cartilage piercing and a tragus piercing in addition to 2 holes in my lobes (all in the same ear) - btw, a tragus is the little flap right above the ear canal (Who the hell knew!!)- sounds almost rude.

about 3 weeks ago, i'm not sure what i was doing and it hit me...i want an MS related tattoo.  i mean, the shit is not going anywhere, it has alot of meaning to me, have to deal with it every day - that's a good one to have (i think).  i now have this on the inside of my left wrist (i thought it fitting on the left side since that is my trouble side)...

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