Wednesday, April 25

Funny Story bout that Ink

so...long story short, i was getting a paper from a guy to sign and reached out my left hand so that i could sign with my right and the conversation went like this:
me: sure i'll sign it
fella: oh my mother has MS too
me (in my head): eh?  what?  i never said i had MS..what the?  out loud: oh, how did you know?
fella: uhm (and points to my wrist) (i know that in his head, he was thinking "duh!  it's right there on your wrist"
me: OH!  LOL (anyone who knows me knows that i literally laughed OUT LOUD)!!!  I just got it 2 weeks ago...i completely forgot - LOL!!! 

Well we had a good laugh, talked about his mother a little and then went on with our days.

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