Wednesday, April 4


I'm banned from...
  • Entering a liquor store
  • Taking a dip in the ocean
  1. It's weird how things happen.  9 1/2 years ago, G and I found the perfect house for us (or so we thought at the time - today, my idea of perfect is a little flatter).  There are 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are of comparable size (not a HUGE one and 2 closets) so we were both able to each have our own big nice space in which to live.  yeah there were 32 steps, but who really cared at that point - that's how we could get our exercise :-) and lo and behold, wouldn't u know it, the little strip mall thing next door had a liquor store!  WOW!!!  it was PERFECTION!!!  over the years, of course we forged a relationship with the owners.  we know them, they know us - i mean c'mon, it's been 10 years (in August).  well, these days, i'm not allowed to go into Nick's - not that i really want to anyway; i'm deathly afraid of what could happen.  The picture in my head is one of my being on the floor covered in vodka and broken bottles.  what the hell will my bill be that day????  i shudder to think!
  2. a few years ago (think it was 2009), i was in Miami for carnival and we went to the beach.  Back then, i wasn't using the cane and off i went into the ocean.  well...long story short, every time a wave broke, it slammed me down and back - i wasn't far out at all.  A was trying to tell me that i should come out, but those were my hero days, so i was trying to brave the shit out.  By the time i figured that maybe i should come out and not let the ocean win the battle, i could barely walk out (of course) and (those of u who are frequent beach goers will understand this) i looked like one of those kids who bathe in the sand and come out with a shitload of sand in their bathsuit.  So, naturally, i'm not allowed to go in the water anymore!!!
These bans are actually not self imposed, but i recognize that they make sense and probably are for the best so i adhere. 

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