Monday, January 31


I love my house...we bought it in 2002 - been here ever since.  It's perfect for G and me - we have no complaints.  when we started looking around, i had specific instructions for the realtor.

  • It had to b close to a highway (i have too many friends who live 15 miles from the exit and i didn't want that)
  • it had to be close to Atlanta (i know u get more for ur money the further out u live, but that shit is NOT for me)
  • The bedrooms had to be equally sized (too many places we looked at had a huge master and 2 closets for the other rooms - NOT acceptable)
This one has all that and more.  I've mentioned before (i think) that it's 3 stories...yup, 16 steps (but who's counting) between each floor (if only i knew then what was in store for me).  2 of the bedrooms are all the way on top (G and mine) and there is another all the way down - that's where i work.  So everyday i have to make the trek up and down all 32 steps at 1 time or other because i work all the way down and the kitchen is in the middle.

I love my house - until last Saturday!  i finally got to celebrate my birthday with the crew on Saturday (what with the weather and scheduling and whatnot).  We did the usual - eat, drink and be merry and then it was time to come home.  I got here and i swear it took me about 5 mins to climb 16 steps - WTF?!?!?  it was a looooooooooooooooong, slooooooooooow, "painful" process.  I'm not sure what the problem was - i didn't try to figure it out - but, for the 1st time since being here,  boy did i wish that i owned a FLAT house!

Now and again, i really feel like this...

Monday, January 24

good grief!

have i ever mentioned that i hate having ms?  i do!!

so i got some new boots.  they are cool and they are tall boots with no zip so i have to pull them on and off as i go.  This morning i had an appointment with the devil (my dentist); i put on the boots and off i went.  i got back home and needed to take them off so i could walk around with ease in the house.

i'm not sure if i ever mentioned before but the left side of my body is my probelm side.  Everything always happens on the left side

  • the first sign that prompted me to go to a doctor that eventually led to my diagnosis was twitching of my left eyebrow
  •  the vision of my left eye was off 2 years prior to my diagnosis, 
  • my left foot would drag more etc etc - 

and in general, it's weaker than my right.  Well i go to pull off the right boot with my left hand this morning and NOTHING.  the blasted boot would not budge.  Try as I might, I couldn't, for the life of me, find the strength to pull off the boot.  WTF????  i'm heading out later - i had visions of having to keep the bloody thing on until i returned and then ask my friend to pull it off for me before i go in the house.

well my persistence finally paid off; i was so determined to get the shit off - someone from my past always used to say "persistence is the key" I finally i was able to get it off and pelt it way.

Did i ever mention that i hate having MS???  i DO!!!!

Thursday, January 20

Ah Shit!

Wednesday was not a good day.

i actually had a few thoughts of "if I continue to walk like this, I'm not going anywhere anymore"... it was really not good.  I even decided that maybe i need to contact my neuro and go back on that other drowsy medication 3x a day and was trying to figure out how i could take it without it's interfering with my life too much.

Anways, in the midst of my wallowing my alarm went off at 4pm - it was time to take my afternoon sets of pills.   I opened my handy dandy "Wednesday" container and what greeted me?  every single pill that i was about to take as well as those that i was supposed to take at 8 AM!  ugh!!!!  is this y i was having such a hard day again??  i remember it'd happened before...i took the 4:00 dose and went on about my business.

Later that nite, at 8pm, the alarm went off yet again for that round.  I took out the container and what did i find?  i'd taken the 8:00 tablet at 4!!!  WDF????  where was my mind yesterday?  i guess in my confusion about realizing that I hadn't taken the morning pills, i didn't really think about what i was doing at 4???  who the hell knows! was too late by then to do anything about it and I had to just chalk up Wednesday as a lost cause and move right the hell along to Thursday

Wednesday, January 19

Side Effects Again

I don't think I will ever stop talking about side effects!  lol...

so for a long time i've been feeling a tickling sensation in my throat and each time it happens i have to cough to try to get past it.  it wasn't really making sense to me why it was happening and just out of the blue for no reason, but hey, i just chalked it up as 1 of those mysteries of life.  G kept saying that it was the damn MS doing something but this time i actually wasn't convinced.

1 of the tablets i take is mailed to me and it always comes packaged with the drug facts and information etc.  They say u should read it each time and i do for the most part but never really put 2 and 2 together until a couple months ago.

One of the side effects is:
irritation in your nose and throat!

well hell!  that must be it's really odd, it's not painful but it feels like a small piece of hard plastic just stuck there and i have to cough to get rid of it.  Doesn't happen a whole lot, but of course, it's good to finally have an explanation.

Monday, January 17

Smuggler's Cane

I used it yesterday/last nite...not in its entirety - there was nothing in the flask; i was going to a restaurant - but using it is more work than the others because of the "handle" or lack thereof.  Before G2 bought it we discussed my being able to use the cane because of its handle and we figured that if I couldn't use it she would try to change it.  All the canes i've used have a "L shaped" top; this one has a knob (there are actually proper names for the different handle tops, but i won't bore u with those details).

We figured, correctly so, that it certainly would be a different experience.  It was - it's much more work.  I guess i never realized just how much i rely on that little "handle" part of the other canes, but i do...i won't go as far as to say that i can't use it, but i actually have to be conscious of the fact that i have to lift it off the ground.  I don't drag the others (i don't think) but if I don't lift this one up entirely it will fall flat and we definitely don't want that to happen...

suppose the flask inside doesn't survive - GASP!!!

Wednesday, January 12


I'm so tired of this cold weather and snow and ice and...but

I eh go lie, living in Atlanta is not too bad; it has its perks...5 inches of snow and the city has been shut down since Monday.  Of course I can't take advantage of this snow week because I work from home, so things are just normal for me.  I havent left this house since Saturday and I can't imagine that i will until Friday.  Have to go to my infusion (WOOHOO!!!) , but will probably need to leave now to get there on time (what with all the closed interstates, accidents, people who cyah drive in rain - far less for snow)

I'm seriously thinking of celebrating my birthday in May instead of now.  Accept all birthday wishes on Jan. 10th, but celebrate in warmer temperatures.  This is the 2nd year in a row that Ive had to cancel plans because Mother Nature had other plans for me - but things could be worse; i certainly am not complaining...I'm just saying...

anyhoo, hope everyone out there (in the US) is safe in this awful weather and keeping warm - Stax out!

Monday, January 10

OB, Dr.G & Me

Well, it's that time again...

OBs - only the best father a gal can have - Jan.9

Dr.G & Stacey - we ran the streets together, we share the same birthday; some might say that we are 2 peas in a pod - Jan 10


Friday, January 7

More Canes

I got 2 birthday presents in the mail 2 days ago.  I have my "starter" canes - they convinced me that the canes are helpful and would be a good investment.  They are pretty banged up now, because i didn't have a cane holder (thanks Dee!) - who the hell knew that that existed...certainly not me!  So of course every where i took the cane and tried to prop them up, they would fall and i would have to announce, "it's just the cane!" because ultimately, everyone would wonder if it was me!

Anyhoo, so i decided that it was time to upgrade so to speak, so I bought myself a "fancy" wooden cane; that was my gift to myself and that came in the mail.

Along with that one, G2 decided to also give me a cane.  That one is an absolute hit and already my friends are rallying around me and have decided that they too need to get the cane (in a show of support nah) LOL!!!

It's called a "Smuggler's Cane"!  Here is the description from the website

A Brandy smuggler cane that has more than one purpose. There is a hidden compartment with an internal flask so one can have a tip of a beverage at hand from time to time... Also, stored inside are 2 tiny thimbles so one can take a thimbleful with a friend.

It's an ABSOLUTE BEAUT....can't wait to use this puppy :-)

Wednesday, January 5

Thank Goodness

I am tired of napping!  i mentioned before that I'm on 2 sets of muscle relaxants for Spasticity.  they both cause drowsiness so about an hour after taking them the drowsiness knocks me for 6 and sometimes it's completely embarrassing.  last week, I went to the dentist and actually was falling asleep in the dentist's chair! - i just couldn't help myself!!  WTF???

Now i didn't start taking them at the same time, so I know that my body is used to the 1st one (that caused me to be sleepy at first and then soon after there was no effect) - it was when i started the 2nd one that i just started getting so sleepy that i couldn't help but go to sleep even if for a short time (once it was during the week at work, i put my alarm to go off in 7 mins and i swear that it was the best 7 mins of my life, i woke up COMPLETELY refreshed) - but alas i can't afford to that everyday.
This looks just like me when i took that 7 min. nap

I called my doctor's office yesterday and told them that something had to give because the drowsiness is not going away.   I was so happy when the nurse called back and told me that i can cut out the dose that i take during the day, but i should keep taking it at nite.  I have no problem with that because nite time is time to sleep anyway - unless i have to be out, then i'll have to deal somehow.

I cut out the dose this morning and no glazed over eyes, no sleeping, no napping - NOTHING!!  Hopefully, the dosage of that medication was so small (2mg 3x daily) that it won't make too much of a difference my NOT taking it as often.

Monday, January 3

Right Back to Normal

The expectation here is that Christmas is done and u must just jump back into things as if the past 2 weeks didn't happen.  everything just DONE - i hate that about being here...I know that there is no Carnival to gear up for, but still...

anyhoo, i think i mentioned before that I'm not big into New Year's resolutions - in fact last year on this blog, i made a resolution for the first time - to work out consistently.  Well i started hot and heavy of course and then...but sometime in the middle of the year i actually started working out with a personal trainer and have been doing that consistently ever since.  So i guess u can say that i actually kept my resolution (is that what u say?).  I don't know if it helps me in any way as far as the MS is concerned - i guess it does, but hey!

This year I'm back to not making any resolutions - i have no clue what to come up with.  My fingers (toes, eyes, legs) are crossed that the MS is quiet, stable and doesn't shoot me with anything I can't handle. I'm also hopeful that i won't have to spend as much money on my health as i did in 2010 (hopefully tho, i spent enuf last year to claim the money spent on my taxes this year). 

Here's to a prosperous new year to u and urs!