Wednesday, January 6

New Year's Resolution

I've never made a new year's resolution.  NEVER!  Are u supposed to make them on Old Year's nite?  New years day?  Are u supposed to tell someone?  say it in ur mind? who knows - NOT me!  Well this year I'm making one and I'm saying it out loud. 

There are few other people in this world who hate the gym and working out as much as I do.  (I finally cancelled my gym memebership at the local gym which was debitting my account monthly!)  I mean, I can't stand it...If i can get my way I would get my workout in by sitting on a machine and let it do all the work for me.  I was having dinner with a friend in FL and we discussed (he feels the same way i do).  I told him to start working on a plan to get something marketed; I will be his FIRST customer. 

At any rate, i bought a Wii and a Wii Fit for myself last year.  I started off hot and heavy using them both to get my workout in daily (almost), I kept it up for quite some time and then something happened - I'm not sure what - and I haven't used either of them in a minute.  One of the most important things that an MS patient can do is to workout regularly. I know this! Everytime i go to my neurologist, he asks me how it's going....the last time he asked me I was very excited to be able to say that i was doing it maybe 2 or 3 times a week - he told me that I should increase to 3 or 4! (what does he want? blood?)

Anyway, so this year Santa gave me a Wii Fit Plus; I also bought another Wii game "The Biggest Loser" - it's a fitness program to be used along with the Wii Fit.  I am resolving this year to workout consistently.  I do not have to trek to the gym in the cold, in the rain, in the heat...I will be IN my living room - I have NO excuse...besides who benefits in the long run?  ME!


  1. OK,I hear what your saying. I will check with you in 90 days to see how it's going.

  2. Sounds good! I find it helps to have a calendar and mark off X's on the days you do workout and it can help you keep momentum and shame you when you see 2-3 days with no "X's"!
    Good luck!

  3. thanks...i need all the help i can get - that's for sure!

  4. Girl you need some haters, the more the merrier. Anytime you don't feel like working out, think back to the last time a hater asked you if you were pregnant.

  5. LOL! Boy u eh easy...altho i am happy to report that i never got asked that question.

  6. Ok...if you're doing it..I'm doing...have the same hate for the here we go..we working out