Thursday, January 21

My Car & Me

I had to go to the dentist (the devil) this morning.  I parked my car in a 1 hour short term parking zone - I knew that i was taking a chance - and went into the office.  4 hours later, i made the trek back to the car, that was still there (with no boot/ticket, etc) and it occurred to me that I could tell this story. 

The place i feel safest and most comfortable is driving (speeding) in my car!  I actually own my "dream car" (of sorts).  Years ago, my then boyfriend, C and I used to talk about owning a manual Civic EX with a the time we were driving a Buick Skyhawk that we lovingly referrred to as Betsy (of course).  He paid $500 for Betsy and we drove $5,000,000 worth of that car.  Betsy took us where we needed to go, when we need to go - no questions asked, until the day that she just died!  I've stepped up from that and I actually own the Civic EX with sunroof.  It's automatic because G can't drive a stick...WTH???  anyhoo...i digress...

I feel safest and most comfortable in my car.  If i'm out somewhere and have to walk to it, i can't wait to get to it.  It's the one place that i don't feel affected by this disease AT ALL!  
  • When I can hardly walk/stand, I can drive - no problem
  • I will NEVER fall while IN the car (maybe coming out or going in but never while sitting in it)
  • No-one can see me struggling to get by
  • I can still drive "like a bat out of hell" if I want to (i have to take my time when i'm walking esp if i'm on my own) 

On top of all that, i actually LIKE my car and never once regretted buying it!


  1. Love the plate!! You really do need the stick shift tho! LOL

  2. awww :)
    alright, SOME times i will try to stop reminding you that 82 on the highway is not a good idea!