Saturday, January 23

MS in the News

Before i get into the story for this post, I've got to share.  I've fallen more times than i'd like to keep count; i think it's quite amazing.  I do remember when i was growing up, i used to say that i would fall on flat ground with shoes with the most grips and it was a joke, but who knew...anyhoo, so I was exercising last nite (yea!), doing yoga and i was in the middle of the Warrior 2 pose, when i thought that i should adjust my stance. 

I didn't think that i was doing it properly.  Well who tell me do that...i lost my balance and FELL FLAT ON MY ASS!!!!!  Again, no injuries - just a slightly bruised behind - but WTF?!?!?

Anyways, so onto my news...yesterday, the FDA approved a new drug! This drug is ORAL (WOOHOO) and is the first drug ever approved that specifically treats a symptom of MS - the symptom?  walking and gait problems! 

This is FANTASTIC news for patients like me who suffer thru this is actually my biggest complaint right now.  The other good news is that it can be used in conjunction with any treatment that we might be on right now.  As with any drug, there are side effects, but I'll be honest, the side effects are not the worst that I've seen/heard about (would u believe tho that in the clinical testing, some patients reported INCREASED falling?!?!?! - is that even possible with me?) and I have decided that i will definitely be talking to my doctor as soon as possible (it is scheduled to be available by prescription in March) about going on this new drug. 

Here's hoping that my insurance will cover the drug and it will help me in the long run...take a read on the National Multiple Sclerosis Society webpage.