Friday, February 26


i like to speed!

there i said it...i do...i can't help it sometimes...the car just goes fast and i let it - driving slow is something that i just can't do, even if i have cruise control on.  I tell allyuh before, that in my car is one of the few places where i feel normal and can actually forget all about this blasted MS shit!

i got a speeding ticket this morning.  As soon as i passed the torturer, i knew that he got me.
82 in a 55!!!!  
how much is that going to cost me?  how many points on my license???  ***UGH!!!***

I cyah be vex/upset/any of those kinda words, i was speeding.  I actually thought that i was going 84, so i guess i actually ketch ah lil break :-)

Thursday, February 25

the Seminar

I must say, i've surprised myself at the Wellness seminar.  I am shy (others may beg to differ, but really i am) but I'm so much more vocal than i usually am and it's so easy being open and honest in front of the group.  Next week is the last session and i will admit that i will probably miss going to them; I've also learned sooooooooooo much!

Last nite's session was perfectly timed...the discussion was regarding "starting a new treatment".  While the discussion wasn't centered around me, most of them know that i am interested in taking the new drug recently approved, so i got some great feedback on what questions to ask my doctor (in addition to the list i already have) and what i should look at/for (wrt: the study done by the manufacturers) to make an informed decision (have to admit, there were some things that i really hadn't thought about before).

I also learned about this website:  This is a site where individuals can actually sign up to receive coupons for medication directly from drug manufacturers and just general assistance for medication costs.  Who the heck knew that something like this existed???  Certainly NOT me! 

Apparently, drug manufacturers are supposed to give away a certain amount of medication annually to continue receiving federal funding...this is the site on which uninsured and underinsured individuals as well as those who just need help with the cost of medication can apply for those meds...

food for thought, cool stuff and good information to have "in ur back pocket"!

Sunday, February 21


was one of those "sorry for myself" kinda days - i think it's okay; i'm entitled every now and again, aren't I?  I won't get into the gory details - it didn't last too long, but it is what it is!

Saturday, February 20

Countdown is On!

the countdown to visiting my doctor to getting a prescription for the new drug - they say it will be available in March (no date - i figure i'll go to him sometime in the middle of the month)...i wonder if he'll agree with me that i am a good candidate for the drug.  Will he "fight" me with my decision to go on it?  Isn't it ultimately my decision?

I've learned that the drug will a little over $1000 for a 30day supply!!  Whoa!  How much of that will my insurance cover?  UGH!  The good news is that my current medication (the lovable daily shot!) cost more than that as far as i know, so maybe $1k is small change and the insurance company will gimme a break..

Will the damn thing even work??!?!?!

Right now i have more questions than answers...hopefully these questions will be answered during the next month or so, but until then - fingers, toes, eyes, legs r all crossed and I'm hoping for the best.

Thursday, February 11

MS Awareness Week

okay...i know that this is early, but i letting allyuh know from now so that u can plan ahead (wear orange - that's our colour)! :-)

MS Awareness Week is March 8-14 2010.  For those in the Atlanta area, the MS Society, GA Chapter is having a "Move It" party on 3/11 (thursday) from 6-8pm...

"MS Awareness Week 2010 marks the Society’s fifth annual coordinated MS Awareness Week efforts. In past years our call to action around the week has encouraged people to Join the Movement. This year, we will build on the groundswell of the MS movement that continues to gain momentum, not only during MS Awareness Week but every day".


"The goal of MS Awareness Week is to acknowledge people who are a part of the movement, invite new people to join the movement, and encourage everyone to “move it” during MS Awareness Week to take at least one action to demonstrate their commitment to a world free of MS."

So join us as we “Move It” in 2010 and beyond!

Wednesday, February 10

'tis the Season to be Happy!'s carnival time at home*sigh*...i eh go lie, it's the one time of year that i STILL feel homesick even after ALL these years!  I'm sitting here listening to Red FM (online radio station) and am absolutely gettin the fever.  I've mentioned in an earlier post that i can't/won't go home while I am still having problems walking - it'll be even more depressing than being here freezin my ass off and knowing the kinda bacchanal (fetin/good good times) and going on home in the HOT SUN!!!

One of the things i absolutely love about carnival is how it brings the entire country together.  Man, woman, child, black, white, indian, young, old - everybody limin and having a good time.  For the season, is jes happiness and then on the 2 days itself, NO-ONE has any worries cept gettin to the band on time to push off.

To everyone who went home, take a jook, wine and a drink for me...i know there will be much PALANCIN goin on - truth be told, i eh bong to hear bout it when u reach back :-)

these are just a few pics from last year...

Tuesday, February 9

"Learning" to Breathe

so at the wellness workshop last week, they taught us to use a breathing (diaghramatic breathing - deep breathing flexing your diaghram not ur rib cage) and progressive muscle relaxation techniques to help deal with stress and fatigue, among other symptoms.  Who knew we would learn how to breathe???  At the beginning of the workshop, we were given a CD (Time for Healing, Relaxation for Mind and Body), but didn't find out exactly what it was for until last week.

The progressive muscle relaxation starts with your feet (tensing the muscles and completely relaxing them) and ends with the muscles in my face.  While i wasn't as skeptical as I can be about things, such as this, i have to admit that it has me sleeping ah lil better and feelin less stiff.  I copied the CD onto my phone and every nite when i hit the bed, i go through the entire exercise (it lasts 20-30 mins) coupled with the breathing technique.  Tensing the muscles was extremely uncomfortable at first because u have to tense up and hold for a few, but it is getting better with each one.  (Try tensing - really tensing - ur facial muscles for 30 secs or's a RATHER uncomfortable feeling)

Anyway, after these past few weeks at work (things have slowed down for now, but i am not completely over the hump as yet), this is exactly what the the doctor ordered for me.

A picture of total relaxation right here...

Thursday, February 4 more work!

I've been working my ass off or as we would say at home "wuk in meh rookoongkootoongkung!!!! (sp)" i haven't had any time to come here and say hi :-)

I havent forgotten about you; i just really havent had the time...everything's going well with me and as soon as i get over this hump at work (hopefully next week) I'LL BE BACK!!

Monday, February 1

February 1st

Today is my mom's birthday...


We going Eclipse later so we will have a few for u :-)