Wednesday, February 10

'tis the Season to be Happy!'s carnival time at home*sigh*...i eh go lie, it's the one time of year that i STILL feel homesick even after ALL these years!  I'm sitting here listening to Red FM (online radio station) and am absolutely gettin the fever.  I've mentioned in an earlier post that i can't/won't go home while I am still having problems walking - it'll be even more depressing than being here freezin my ass off and knowing the kinda bacchanal (fetin/good good times) and going on home in the HOT SUN!!!

One of the things i absolutely love about carnival is how it brings the entire country together.  Man, woman, child, black, white, indian, young, old - everybody limin and having a good time.  For the season, is jes happiness and then on the 2 days itself, NO-ONE has any worries cept gettin to the band on time to push off.

To everyone who went home, take a jook, wine and a drink for me...i know there will be much PALANCIN goin on - truth be told, i eh bong to hear bout it when u reach back :-)

these are just a few pics from last year...


  1. Coming to pick you up...just book a flight for us leaving at 9pm tonight.....we PALANCIN!!! :-)

  2. Went back to read your earlier post. I can walk but my 'ass' getting ole and so this play mas on a truk ting thing sounds like a great idea. I can see it now an all inclusive truck section with a private food and beverage bar. Sign me up!!!

  3. :-) Not such a bad idea huh!

  4. I dey wit you. After all these years -and the advent of things like twitter, FB and internet radio makes it better and worse at the same time.
    One of the things I marvel at is over here in the US - for the most part you only see bikini on size 2's and smaller. In T&T it don't matter what yuh size -you have a good time!
    One day soon I will be back to make a mas.

  5. I took care of your rquest and I won't mention anything else.