Monday, December 7

Carnival *sigh!*

I cannot play mas again! WOWZER!!! it's just too heartbreaking to be in the middle of it and not be on the road; hence my breakdown in DC last year.  One of my favorite lines in "Unconditional Love" by Machel Montano is "we hypnotized by the music from d truck so we walking for miles"; it's such a true statement and really captures the essence of Carnival...well 5 mins into walking those miles, my ass would have to stop! 

We have come up with a way around it of course...we only play in bands that we have contacts/know the leaders, so that we can organise for me to be on a truck.  For the past 2 years in DC (it's the only mas that i actually play in up here), I've been a fixture on the drinks truck in one of the bands - and that's my parade.  It could be worse, it could have been that i didn't even have that option.

I don't think that i want to go back home for carnival ever again - at least not while suffering from Foot Drop/weakness.  While i am not a burden to my friends here, i know that Trini carnival is a whole nother beast and i cannot/will not slow them down besides, if i cried down the place in DC, what the hell would happen on Independence Square!


  1. Doh worry...Between OB and Moms....we have a band with a truck in Trini....We Out on de Road ...We dey With We friends...If yuh looking for we........

  2. I feel proud that you would actually post a picture with me in it on a blog as important as this one. My promise to you is this. Whenever we are in Trini for Carnival I will carry you on my back all day if I have to. You WILL be part of the band. And you know me, I will do just that. That's what friends are for.
    Much love always,

  3. oh Ainsley...u r too sweet :-)

  4. u sure having a ball hope u will keep that spirit 4 a long time.god's blessing.roms