Monday, December 21

Alternative "treatment"

One day, i went to the mall by myself.  As i was walking/struggling out (i was actually fed up of being in there and was starting to feel a little sorry for myself - i told u that i do have bad days sometimes), one of the security officers ZOOMED past me in a segway.   U know that she pissed me off; I just wanted to bitch slap her down off it.  That got me to thinking (and I've actually had conversation with others) about my using one to get around.  But...would i be able to keep my balance on the damn thing?  U do have to stand on it...will it really help me?  besides which, will the insurance company even consider paying for even 1 wheel of it? for thought...

I've told people about my condition and they've suggested Tai Chi, Yoga, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy...the list goes on...even changing my diet.  The person who told me about the dietary changes sent me an email and the first thing on the list was pork - NOT happening!!!...i think that there are very few people on this earth who enjoy the PIG more than me!  My doctor will have to sit me down and say, "Stacey, you will die tomorrow unless u stop eating pork" for me to give it some serious thought ;-) i digress...
I scanned the rest of the list and there were a few things that either i cut out totally or have started to cut down; sugars, dairy to name a few...will that actually make a difference?  who knows, but i have nothing to lose.  I actually read an article the other day where an MS patient claimed to be cured after changing her diet...hmmmm; I'm not a believer.  Modern science has told us that there is no cure so u have to wonder was she really cured or is she in remission? 


  1. I know diet can affect your day to day life and symptoms, but I agree -a cure seems a bit wishful. On the other hand, I have had great success in treating everything from torn tendons to hangovers with acupuncture.
    I wish western medicine docs were more interested in looking at diet and alternative therapies and herbs to see where real relief exists -but that seldom happens.

  2. I would like to look into accupuncture. I have heard only good things about it from a range of people.

  3. Hi S.S-O,
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  4. In reference to the women who cured herself through changing her diet, I was thinking maybe she did what you and "G" did initially, she went to WebMD and diagnosed herself, but in her case she figured she had MS, but maybe it was something else, that explains why she's cured.I wonder if WebMD can diagnose "Mis diagnosis" that way everyone can find their correct disease...hmm!

  5. I want ah piece of pork, I want ah piece of pork, i want ah piece of pork for meh ......think I need to confer with your doctor on how that diet needs to change