Friday, December 4

My Support Group part I aka My Friends

I couln'd t do this without my "support" group.  In tru Trini style, we make light of a difficult situation.  If I don't laugh, i certainly will cry and that is NOT acceptable; as I was once told, "MAN UP!! MAN UP!!!...we have NO time for crying/tears right now!!!".  In their defense, G and T, it was on Georgia Ave in the middle of DC carnival!  :-), but i think their reaction made me cry some more.  It was 2008 and the gravity of the situation HIT me like a full BUS (It was the first time that i'd actually cried since being diagnosed) ...oye!  I will not be able to play mas ever again! 
I had actually spent my last carnival at home sleepign on top of a speakerbox on top one of the trucks...if only i knew then what i know now!!!

dem...and a few others

Anyhoo, I digress.  My friends; they keep me going...
  • G; my rock - I'm not sure if i could have even gotten this far without her.  She will bouff (who really knows how to spell that word) anyone into submission to ensure that they take care of me when she is not around.  I've had to call her to talk me off the ledge now and again
  • J (W?) heeheehee - in Miami this year, whichever fete we went to, the chair was slung on his shoulder  like a shoulder bag.  He drives a HUGE truck and it has no footladder to climb in and I ketch my ass alot trying to get in (but that's besides the point)
  • K - She always ensures that she is available for me to hold on to; even when i say that i'm okay...because she fears G's roar.  She also was arrested (okay, she likes to say detained; but it makes for such a better story when we use arrested) because she was arguing with one of Dekalb County's finest outside a party about a small situation that we were in because of the MS.  I was standing next to them and the next thing i knew, he was hauling her handcuffed ass to the backseat of his car!!!  WDF!?!? :-)
  • D is no longer in Atlanta, but he is missed...even tho he did watch me fall twice(!) in one party.  In his defense, he was ah lil tite
  •  A is somewhat new to the crew, but sometimes i feel like she is my BIGGEST supporter.  In FL earlier this year, I had a lil fight with the ocean and she was there to ORDER me out - lest the ocean became victorious!
I could go on, but suffice it to say that i really have the best "support group" that someone in my situation could ask for.

I have to mention this...I was raising funds for the MS Walk of Atlanta and I was soliciting funds from someone...The conversation went like this...
Me: Don't u want to donate?  it's for a good's the MS Walk
C: What??  *$%@** MS Walk?  Why I must give dem my money??  Who we know with that...I not donating to that...
Me: Well....actually I was diagnosed last year
He's ah red man and he turned even red-DER.  I had a good laugh, he - not so much!  I reassured him that I/it was okay...we had a long talk about it/my daignosis etc but poor this day, I'm not sure if he has totally gotten over that!

Laughter is one of the best medicines! (No prescription req'd)