Thursday, December 24

December 23rd

yesterday was somewhat rough for me, but let's face it I had to get my shopping done.  I started the day before, but as soon as I walked in the store i realized that i wasn't in the mood to shop.  I'm not a shopaholic - nor do i really enjoy shopping, per se...but if i go into my favorite store, i can spend hours if they have anything of interest.  At any rate, I didn't know if i wasn't in the mood because of the trouble i have walking or if i just didn't want to shop.  Anyhoo, yesterday i didn't have a choice - it was the last day that i could go shopping.

I dropped "G" to work and then off i went.  I actually started in my favorite store, so maybe i got a little carried away.  By the time i was done, I had practically given up on doing anything more when i realized that 2 other stores were just across from my fave, so i decided to tackle them too.  Well, by the time i left there, I had to rest a little before i started my trek to the car.  What would have taken me 5 mins, took close to 20...boy was i glad that i had the handicapped decal because my car was right outside the doors.  I had somewhere else to go, but i figured that i would go home first, stay for a few hours and then head back out.  Unfortunately that didn't help much - for a very very brief moment, i got a little depressed, but just as quickly snapped out of it...long story short, by the time i was done and came home, I could barely stand, let alone walk!  At least i was at home tho...

There is good news!!!  I got all my shopping done!  I do have 1 more little thing, but I can pick that up today in the grocery or something.

Here's hoping that you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas with ur loved ones - I know that i will ;-)


  1. Hi,
    Happy Christmas.

  2. Here's hoping YOU have a safe and enjoyable Christmas with family and friends :)