Tuesday, December 22

Vacation - WOOHOO!!!!

Yesterday was my last day of work for the year....I'm extatic!  Time to start the season for real... 

The sorrel has been made, the punch ah creme done and the rum punch (what's left of it) is chillin in the fridge.  Gifts are being wrapped and put under the tree as I type...I think it's Christmas on TP Drive!


  1. Arrrrrrrrrriba Arrrrrrrrrriba!! Baila Baila!

  2. Hi S.S.-O,

    Sorrel and Pancha Creme and Rum punch yummy, whats to eat any doubles and bake and fish and plantain and maybe some chicken curry and a few rotis.
    Shame I can't come by.
    Have a good time tomorrow.

  3. No Herrad - no traditional Xmas foods :-(

    but callalloo is on the menu and Trini Chinese chicken(mmmmhhhhmmmm. We may have ham for breakfast; a strong "may".

  4. What happen to D roti? The song sah " When dey drink dey rum, dey want roti"! Please doh tell meh yuh went to Popeye's.