Wednesday, December 9

My "daily" shot routine

So, u'd think that taking the shot will get easier over time.  Well it did and it dint for me. 

There are 7 sites on my body that i rotate to take them.  I think that the woman who gave me instructions on how to administer was a "crackhead".  She said that there are 7 sites, but if u dont feel comfortable, u can use only 2 - WRONG!!  or maybe i should say that that was ill advised...2 of the side effects of the medication (esp at the beginning) are swelling and itching at the site, so imagine using the same site over and over and doesn't make for a pleasant experience.  When i realized that using my legs alone was not a good idea, i branched out to the other sites - arms/hips and then eventually convinced myself that i should start using my stomach (that was the one that i was really afraid of).  At first, i had to keep a diary to record which site i used until it became a routine...
  • Monday - left arm
  • Tuesday - right arm
  • Wednesday - Stomach
  • Thursday - left leg
  • Friday - right leg
  • Saturday - left hip
  • Sunday - right hip
Well...that is where it became easier over time...the routine and it doesnt swell/itch anymore.  Where it DIDNT become easier is my remembering to take the damn thing everyday.  What the?!?!?  That couldn't be the heck could u have been doing something for 3 years and then all of a sudden forget to take it some days???  I admitted it to my doctor; i couldn't tell a lie when he asked me how it's going (it's not very frequent but still).  I really think that it's my subconcious playing tricks on me...esp when i have to use my legs because they hurt the most (I actually DREAD thursday and Friday mornings because of that).

If we're out, "G" or "A" will turn to me and ask, "Miss (My girl), have u taken ur shot?" and sometimes I have no choice but to meekly respond that i didn't because i just totally forget!