Friday, December 4

My Support Group Part II aka My family

"the 'rents" are not here; they are still at home in Trinidad.  I know that my mother wishes that she were here to be with me while i was being tested and the diagnosis, but I had the next best thing; Gib was here.  Many times i also wished she were here too, i dunno bout allyuh, but when I get sick, she is the first person I call...but it is what it is and she lives at home.  I've also called her to be "talked off the ledge" a time or 2 and as I mentioned before she has told me that i cannot return the disease, i have to live with it.

I have to credit them both for my positive outlook on this situation.  Anyone who knows OB knows that he is the life of the party without even trying too hard and Learls, even tho she is more reserved, eh too backward herself.  I know that i have their support - even across the ocean and they are just as "in this thing" as Gib is.  As I've mentioned before in tru Trini stylin, there is never a dull moment when we're together.  Laughs/jokes/picong (trash talk) cyah done...that is the best way we know how to deal with difficult albeit serious situations.  "S" calls it "my caribbean/Trini way of thinking".  We really try to make the best of a bad situation and i don't waste time on things I cannot change or control.

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  1. Ah teh rents....have to agree with this blog wholeheartedly.....