Saturday, December 19

Old Years (new year's eve)

so it's interesting...almost everyday i am made aware of a phrase/saying that is something only a Trini will understand.  I never realized that no-one else says "ole years"; i knew that Americans don't, but i thought it was a Caribbean thing...come to find out just this weekend gone that maybe it's a Trini thing?

Anyhoo, so a friend of mine is having a big lime (get together/party/any social gathering) for old years.  He lives in Raleigh and "D" is coming down to ATL to drive up to NC.  All of us were in Atlanta at some point years ago (Spelman and Morehouse days) and even tho we don't see each other very often; we are still in touch and this lime promises to be a shitload of good/happy times. Well I've known about it for some time and then decided that i will go south instead of north for the occasion.  Suffice it to say that "D" is not happy about the fact that I'm not going (most probably because now he will have to drive up by himself).  He was cursing me out about it last week and it occurred to me that subconciously i'd prefer to in a social setting only if at least 1 of my "inner circle" is around.  Maybe it's because I know that if something were to go wrong, they would have my back.  Now don't get me wrong,  "D" is part of the "inner circle" but as i mentioned before, he did allow me to fall TWICE in a party :-)

It's not that people who will be at the lime don't know that i have MS (i think), it's just that they don't know what I've been experiencing all along and instead of having to explain myself, i just don't want to put myself in what could turn out to be a difficult situation.  Maybe this is not the best way to handle and maybe I will "grow" out of it, but i guess until then, it is what it is.

on a side not, going south also means that i will be in warmer temperatures, let's not forget that most important little tidbit!


  1. Well, you made a great choice. I figure it's either "D" or fighting the waves. I guess the waves are easier, LOL!

  2. I am with "A" on this one...don't think it's something you need to grow out of....more you recognizing and making a decision that will work for you.....