Wednesday, December 2

it Continues...

It was sometime in 2006, i think (i should have started this blog earlier), that i noticed that i was suffering from a syndrome known as Foot Drop.  That happens (with me) when after walking or standing for long periods of time, my feet become so weak that it's difficult to walk properly.  G and I went to the AIDS walk here in ATL and i noticed that "something" was wrong with my right foot, but i couldn't really put my finger on what.  G also noticed that she kept hearing a "thunk"/"thunk" as i walked along...and then we looked at my feet the right foot was just kinda "dropping" along as I walked.  She kept telling me to LIFT UR FOOT!  LIFT UR FOOT!!, but i couldnt's one of the moments that we laugh at now.  I finished the walk, but had to be carted to the car, where she took over the driving.

That symptom has progressed and gotten worse and is the 1 constant symptom that i experience/have been experiencing since.  Now...i cannot stand/walk for very long at all and in fact, my gait is "drunken" looking.  Sometimes it pisses me off because i'm sure that other people see me holding on to people that i'm with, walking funny and they think that i must be tite - esp if it's somewhere that alcohol might have been consumed.

I am lucky - I have no pain!!!  It's just a weakness/un-com-fort-able-ness (esp if I'm walking alone) that i know that i have to deal with.  I have since learned my limitations and don't put myself in a situation that i cannot deal with. 

  • Everywhere we go, i walk with a chair to make sure that i will be ok

Funny story:  We went to DC carnival this year W/O the chair and had to go in search of one at one of the parties...well the only one we could find was a baby chair...J said that he refused to let that happen again!   See below!!
  • I use a wheelchair when I'm traveling; much to the delite of any travel pardner
  • I have a handicapped decal in my car (and it can be used in any car that i'm in - again, much to the delite of many others
  • I roll around Kroger (the grocery) in a motorized cart most times; those things are not as easy to drive as u might think!  I've had a few close calls...
Acc to someone smart, "it's time to make this "Kiss Meh Ass" MS work for US now, since we have no choice but to deal with it!"


  1. I else can it work for us...hmmm..let me think about that

  2. Charlene M: Funny how everything has a bright side! Keep on smilin'