Thursday, December 3


So i was talking to a friend and he reminded me of something i forgot to mention of the first questions that i asked the Dr. after we chose a treatment was "Do i have to stop drinking???!!!"  Luckily, the answer was no!  I cannot tell a lie, the day I am told that the alcohol will have an adverse effect on my treatment is the day that this shit will become unbearable!!!  C'mon now...let's keep things in perspective now :-)

My Poison of Choice

My mother has told me, and of course she's right...I didn't buy it, so i can't return it!  As a result, I have to deal with it.  I have my good days and bad ones- mostly good.
I was a little concerned at the break of 2009 because history has shown that i have major crap happen every 2 years...2003, 5, 7...hmmm, but i've been fine this year - apart from the occasional fall, there hasn't been anything to "write home" about.

Alot of people tell me that i'm courageous - 1 person actually told me that i was her hero (and i was confused when she told me, but then i figured it out).  I appreciate that, but it always amazes me because i don't think that i'm courageous or a hero; i think that i'm just dealing with a situation over which i have no control.

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