Tuesday, May 31

Trini Terms according to Stax

so a friend/reader who is Trinidadian and enjoys reading suggested that i create a glossary of terms for the Trini slang/terms that i use.  i have the disclaimer of "lime" at the top of the page and most times i remember to put the meaning/translation in brackets, but when i don't, anyone can refer to my new page "(my) Trini Terms Dictionary".  I have "my" in brackets as a reminder that this is MY dictionary and meanings may differ from the Cote Ci Cote La (the official Trini dictionary) - yes it exists.

Something i hear often is, "i like those Trini terms" or "trying to keep up with all the Trini terms" so i thought that the glossary of sorts is a good idea.

so it's a work in progress - i've included the link at the top...fellow Trinidadians, feel free to send me suggestions or additional/better meanings if u wish!

What I Miss the Most

the ability to dance!

I'm talkin bout "bussin ah wine (the Trini dance for soca - gyrating ur hips to the music with ot without a partner(s))", ballroom dancing, any kind of dance.  I've mentioned before that i cyah (cannot) wine no more - wining with a cane and a stiff left leg  (my left side is the problem side - it's weaker, the left leg is generally the stiff one (it always wants to be straight)) is not pretty and does not feel right, so wining is out of the question.  All i can do these days is listen to the music, sway side to side (a slight mini wine if u will) and use my cane as a prop to stomp to the beat and in fact Saturday nite, i used it as my flag/rag and was wavin it in the air :-) - UGH!!!

I used to dance when i was growing up - modern dance - and always loved it.  As i got older i wanted to learn how to tango, so bout 5 years ago, i signed up with a ballroom dancing school.  I was quite good, if i do say so myself, but had to drop out when i realized that i would need to rob a bank to continue.  I was able to afford the lessons at first, but as i advanced and got to the level where i could perform at exhibitions and such, the cost became too much and even though i might have gotten away without robbing the bank the 1st year - beyond that there was no telling.  So instead of risking jail for a hobby, i decided to let it go.  For the short time that i did it, i enjoyed myself thoroughly and as i mentioned, i was quite good.

Nowadays when i'm at a fete or see people dancing anywhere in general, i feel a tug at the heartstrings - it saddens me just a little.  When we're partying, most of my friends will come and take a wine on my chair or me (wish i had a picture to share) - just depending on the type of chair :-) and i love them for that - but it's just not quite the same.

Tuesday, May 24

May 24 2011

Today is World MS Day

Join the Global Movement...what does MS = to you?

MS=Lifestyle Adjustments (many lifestyle adjustments...)

Monday, May 23

Cooler Fete 2k11

Whomever came up with the "cooler fete" concept is a genius (I'm sure that most, if not all Trinis will agree).  $25 entrance, walk with ur cooler (translated, u eh spening a dime when u get there - unless u want food) full or not full of drinks.  ANY size, shape, colour, texture cooler.  I wish i had my phone as i was making my way thru the crowd to take a picture of the blow up kids' pool that i saw full of liquour (that was a 1st - at least for me).

Now, i knew that cooler fete was Saturday nite; it's the 1 fete here that i always look forward to every year and what did i do?  instead of keeping my ass quiet (see Spoon Theory) for the day, i did all sorts of things - had a massage, got my nails done, went to lunch blah blah blah...so even though i was feeling okay when i got home, by the time fete time rolled around i had about 3 spoons left!! ugh!!!  Didn't let that stop me (altho i was mat at myself) and as it turned out, we were as far from the restroom as we could have been!, so u can just imagine the mess i was in when the stupid ass cops (ASSHOLES have nothing better to do with their time but mess up a very good time) stopped the party and sent us packing!  This time around, i allowed K and H to carry me out (they formed a seat with their hands - isn't there a name for that hold?  i normally politely decline whenever someone asks if i want to be carried) because, of course, we would probably now be getting to the car if i'd walked out on my own.

Good time, altho i know better and should not have galavanted all day like i have unlimited number of spoons to play with!

Monday, May 16

Back to Normal

last week Thursday was the 1st nite since my ordeal that i didn't feel dizzy, so apart from a faint red spot under my eye, i am back to my 100%.  whew!  hopefully i won't have any more horror stories to tell for a while...someone told me last week that I'm due for a quiet non eventful next few months and i completely agree.  In fact if that is the last "drama-filled, falling" story ever, I wont' complain at all!

Atlanta carnival is coming up on Memorial weekend so getting ready for cooler fete this weekend; it's the 1 fete i actually look forward to every year because it is generally very good.  Last year at cooler fete, i had my 6 Kaliber in it because i wasn't drinking - LOL!  good times/memories.   Atlanta carnival has soooooo much potential (it's the 1st one in N. America, it's on a holiday weekend) but it's absolutely NOTHING to write home about (so unfortunate).  in fact, we will just be liming hard (harder than usual) as opposed to doing anything "carnival like" - I think; I actually thought about going to FL that weekend instead.

Anyhoo, so things are normEl on my end; no stress, no worries and things are right with the world once more!

Tuesday, May 10

Quick Update

I'm on the mend...my eye looks 100x better and i feel like a brand new person.  I still have some vertigo experiences, esp. when i'm lying down, but it's NOTHING like last week!  Of course, I was more of a pill popper for a minute, but even that is almost back to normal.

it truly is amazing how the body heals sometimes...this is what's left of the "Mike Tyson" eye and i swear it looks better and better as the day goes by!

Sunday, May 8

Friday, May 6

MS is to Blame

I don't know about anyone else, but anytime something out of the ordinary happens to me without warning, my 1st thought is always "what now...is this the MS doing its thing!" i always do it and i'm sure that the MS doesn't think it's fair, but it is what it is...

the Vertigo kicked in on Sunday nite with a vengeance...i went to the MS Center Monday morning.  There i was told that it was vertigo, but if it happened again, i must come back in to make sure that there wasn't anything else going on...well, by Wednesday, things had gotten worse and i could take it no more!  I called the MS Center and got an appt for 11 that morning for an MRI.  By this time, all the worst scenarios were swimming around in my head.  Stroke, brain bleed, the works...The MRI was done and i was able to get on the same person's schedule whom i'd seen when i went in on Monday.

The results were in - i braced myself!  
She walked in and said, "well Stacey, i have good news - ur brain looks fine; we have no problem there.  The bad news is that you have a severe sinus infection - actually the worst i've ever seen."  
wait a minute...a sinus infection?!!?!?  

that is what is causing me to be dizzy, throwing up and has me feeling the absolute WORST i've felt in a long time????  Unbelievable!!!  it appears that the blood that pooled and formed the bruise under my eye (from the fall), pooled in my sinuses causing the infection.  It was cause for celebration, if u ask me, because everything was "fine" - she prescribed drugs (i have NO problem taking drugs) and today FINALLY, i actually feel like I'm on the mend.  

I still blame the MS...had it not been for MS, i would not be going to PT, i wouldn't have been weaker last week Tuesday, i prolly wouldn't have fallen and wouldn't have a bruise (black eye) so there wouldn't have been any pooling of blood in my sinuses to cause the infection!!

Tuesday, May 3


I've heard of Vertigo - never experienced it...until Sunday nite....and oh my was it AWFUL!

U know when u're tite and the room starts spinning when u lie down?  Imagine that X 100!  oh my goodness, the room just wouldn't stop spinning!  it last about 6 secs, but i think it was 1 of the worst 6 secs of my life.  It really was just AWFUL!  it actually scared the shit out of me.  it only happened once that nite and then again Monday morning, but MUCH MUCH less violently and only for about 2 secs that time.  that's when i called the ER i went to when i fell; they suggested that i call my doctor's office.

I called and they told me to come in...i saw a doctor (mine doesn't work on Tuesdays!) and she told me that i'd sufferred from Benign Positional Vertigo. It commonly occurs after head trauma and gets better over time.  If it happened again she said that i'd have to go back in and pull up my MRI, which is scheduled for 6/3 right now.  Needless to say, i was ah lil afraid to lie down last nite (both times it happened, i was lying down), but luckily it didn't happen again.

Vertigo is something that happens to some MS patients...i'm hoping that the occurence was just as a result of my last fall and not an exacerbation/flare up coming on.