Monday, May 24

Cooler Fete

So I mentioned that cooler fete (party where u pay to go in but u don't buy drinks (altho there is a bar) because u walk with a cooler(any size; I've seen refrigerators converted to coolers) filled  with drinks) was this past weekend. 

End of the Night (this picture does not do the cooler justice; it was much prettier at the beginning of the night)

As usual, we packed up our cooler with everyone's poison of choice (Kaliber for me - YEA!), threw my chair in the trunk and proceeded to have ah time  - we didn't leave till 6:30 the next morning, so I think it's safe to say that we had a great time!  J, who has not seen me since December, told me TWICE that he was totally amazed AND impressed by this new medication.   I didn't use the chair half as much as i used to and when i did, i only used it because i didn't want to chance not being able to walk out NOT because i had to. 

Spoke to K this afternoon.  She'd been watching me all nite and was also impressed with how long i was able to stand, able to take ah lil wine here and there, walk in and out of the venue without assistance and lime lil bit outside when we were leaving :-).  Even G said that it was most obvious Saturday nite, just how well the Ampyra is working.

At some point, i was sitting and a friend, who is new to the lime, came over and said that he admires me because I don't let anything stop me...i'm out there having a good time inspite of the MS and I just make adjustments because i know my limitations.   He absolutely loves my attitude about everything.  I've mentioned before how Trinis find humour in everything; another friend said to me, "want to take this outside?  Ah go (I will) take ur chair from u, leh we (let's) see just how gansta u are then!"

Ahhh...happy times! :-)

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