Tuesday, May 11

Waiting Game

this last waiting game I've been playing is over!  I was contacted by the MS Center yesterday and have scheduled my 1st Tysabri infusion on 6/4.  The most surprising news?  The insurance company claims that they will pay 100%...when I exclaimed in bewilderment, the chick said, "yes that's what they said, but u can call me before u schedule the 2nd one to confirm that they paid in full for the 1st one if u'd like."  WOW!  who woulda thunk it...not me!

So...before starting the infusions, i have to be off of the daily shot for 2 weeks...since this process started, i have been slacking off taking the shots - i cyah lie.  So, I missed last week Thursday and Friday (the legs are the sites i hate the most), took it Saturday and completely forgot Sunday.  Yesterday morning, for whatever reason, I decided to do the right thing and take it.  F*CKIN A!!!  because of that, I couldn't go in on 5/21.  (Since this is new and I'm not sure how I'll react (side effects and all!), I want to go in on a Friday for the 1st few times.) 5/28 is out - won't be in town...so I have to wait all the way till June!  That leaves me a whole week to continue with the bloody daily shot - F*CKIN A!!!!

On aother news...the Ampyra continues to work; still no side effects and walking almost like a champ! :-)


  1. Well I know it must be frustrating to wait, but this is just a wonderful update!! You have come so far in the short time I've been following your blog - new meds that seem to be doing their thing and making good progress on insurance and maybe getting off your daily shot!! So YAY! Celebrate girl!!

  2. i know...i am celebrating; trust me!