Thursday, May 13

G2's Walk Challenge

Well i was supposed to go to NC and support G2 on the weekend of this walk (big lime (hang out) in NC), but there is a change of plans.  I'm going in for my 1st Tysabri infusion on 6/4, so i'm not making any plans to go out of town that weened.  Instead, I'll be limin in the infusion center with a needle in my arm! :-(

I sent her an instant msg (we work at the same place) to say that i wasn't coming and she exclaimed in horror but then when i told her y, she completely understood - OF COURSE...oh time.  There's actually one in Atlanta this Saturday.  I'm going - not walking, but I'm heading down there to support K and whomever else shows up to walk it.

G2 is walking in Charlotte this year in the MS Challenge Walk.  It's a 3 day, 50 mile walk taking place in NC on June 4-6.  Let's "raleigh" around her and Move It together!!!  BIG LIME IN NC that weekend!!!  Here's the link to her website:


  1. Stax! anxious to hear about the Tysabri infusion! Your strength is so amazing and encouraging… Alli xoxo

  2. well thank you for clarifying my response