Wednesday, May 19

Legalize It...

they say that weed helps with the pain...i don't know, but when i was going thru my crap in 2007, i tried the weed (mummy, close ur eyes) because the dumb ass neurologist i had at the time, couldn't tell me anything.  i only did it once or twice - it's something i didn't enjoy (i know some people might be gasping in amazement now) and it didn't help me one bit - maybe because i didn't smoke it enuf?

Montel Williams used it (not sure if he still does) at some point when the disease was wreaking havoc on his body.  In this interview, he says that it actually helped with some of the other symptoms as well.  Of course, in CA (and a few other states) medicinal marijuana is available.

I was talking to a friend of a friend the other day and he mentioned that his father has MS too.  I'm not sure how he's been affected or what meds he's on or anything, but the fella said that about once a month he drops a pound of weed off for his dad to ease the pain. 

Begs the question...should doctors be allowed to prescribe marijuana as part of the MS regimen for their patients if they think that it will help?  sure beats walking around with a pill organiser and popping hundreds of pills at various times in the day...hmmm

Food for thought...


  1. It has not been studied, but it seems to be less toxic than tobacco. However the weed lobbyists are not as well connected.

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