Monday, May 17


So the bus - Stax3, my car -  has been the method of transportation for the past few weeks since I, the bus driver, am not drinking.  With this whole "no drinking" thing, I've come to realize that if we go to a restaurant or something, after we done eat, I am ready to GO!  Nothing else going on, because sitting watchin everyone get their drink on is no fun for me!

well, we went to a sports bar after the MS Walk, Atlanta on Saturday and the lime was too sweet (going good).  I couldn't take it anymore and I ordered a beer - Kaliber; the Guinness non alcoholic beer!  Well i've never understood the concept of a non-alcoholic beer - beer is an alcoholic drink!!! It didn't taste horribly i s'pose, it was okay, but I am throughly shamed to say that I might have been a lil tite (tipsy) after my 2nd one - LOL...*jes a little*.  What i've learned is that they say "non alcoholic" but what they really mean is "less than .5% alcohol". 

I have to laugh at myself...have I become a lightweight after not drinking for 3 weeks? Did I really get that "warm & fuzzy" feelin after drinking 2 NON alcoholic beers??????  LOL!  say it aint so!!  anyway, this Saturday is Atlanta's 1 and only cooler fete (party where u walk with ur own drinks in a cooler)...guess what I'll have on ice!


  1. Wheeyy I thought I had the wrong blog for a more drinking? ;) anyway girl, very entertaining writing...I'll have to start from the beginning and follow the updates. :-)

  2. LOL! i eh drinkin in May because of some new medication boy! PRESSHA!!!! :-)

  3. kaliber and klusthaler are the best ..Sharp's sucks