Friday, May 7

Pill Popper

Hi,  my name is Stacey and i am a pillaholic!

Yup, it has come to this...I mentioned before that I bought a pill organiser - good thing too!  It's become very handy...

  • every morning at 9 i have to take 2 (sometimes 3) and 1/2 5 pm, I pop 1 1/2, at 9pm, i take 1 and then at 1am, it's another 1 1/2!

I eh go lie, I worry sometimes about overdosing because suppose i take the wrong pill at the wrong time.  Did I mention that all but 1 are small and white?!?!?  I have reminders on Outlook at work for during the week and on weekends, my phone alarms to remind me.  Of course at 1am every morning, my phone goes off.  I am actually becoming used to that (it's waaaaaaay past my bedtime during the week) but I've noticed that I have started waking up close to 1, so it's almost as if I don't need it anymore (i'm not going to delete it tho).  

Back to the organiser - it's helped me keep on track tho (guess that's why it's called an organiser).  Those odd times when I wonder if i took the pills or not, I just need to look in my handy dandy compartment to see if it's empty or not :-)

I've said this before and I'll say it again - i know that my experience is certainly not the worst and for that I'm extremely grateful, but being sick still SUCKS!

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