Wednesday, May 12

Speed Demon

I am $266 poorer...i went to court on Monday for my speeding ticket.  I've gotten about 4 speeding tickets in my lifetime - 2 of which were out of state.  In my experience, when u go to court, the fine is lowered considerably.  Well not this was lowered by a whopping $16!!  I am looking on the bright side...they actually lowered the speed from 82 in a 55 to 72, so i get 2 points on my license as opposed to 4 - that is good news! 

I swear if there were 5000 people living in Atlanta, 4950 of them were in that court on Monday.  The place was lukewarm-ish, smelled frowzy and all those people!!! OYE!!  I got there at 2 and left at 4:15and I had to pull out the MS card too.  Of the 4950 people, 4900 were in line for the cashier...I had to tell 1 of the cops there that I was unable to stand for long periods of time and he worked with 1 of the employees to allow me to sit while I waited.

Did i learn any lessons?  YES!  keep a closer eye on the road looking for those torturers (cops)!!  I'm still speeding...I can't help it.  Like people who choose not to drink alcohol, I jes don't get people who drive slow!

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  1. Good thing you didn't have to deal with that new "Super Speeder" bullshit or you would have been $466 poorer. I am guessing based on the speed limit that you probably got caught downtown. I never could understand how the heck a highway with SIX LANES could have a 55 mph speed limit. Steups. Anyways, I glad it worked out.