Friday, February 26


i like to speed!

there i said it...i do...i can't help it sometimes...the car just goes fast and i let it - driving slow is something that i just can't do, even if i have cruise control on.  I tell allyuh before, that in my car is one of the few places where i feel normal and can actually forget all about this blasted MS shit!

i got a speeding ticket this morning.  As soon as i passed the torturer, i knew that he got me.
82 in a 55!!!!  
how much is that going to cost me?  how many points on my license???  ***UGH!!!***

I cyah be vex/upset/any of those kinda words, i was speeding.  I actually thought that i was going 84, so i guess i actually ketch ah lil break :-)


  1. Oh boy! Do they allow radar detectors in GA? With your propensity for speed -you might have to consider investing in one.

  2. Well, I'm glad someone is in the ticket lane with me. I just got one for $165.00.