Tuesday, March 2

40 days and 40 nights...

So...I'm not catholic and we never gave up anything for Lent while i was growing up, but 1 year about 8 years ago or so, i decided to give up cigarettes for Lent...i did and never started back smoking!  Ever since then, i decided that i will give up something every year.

For the past 3 years or so, it's been meat.  I take my hats off to those vegetarians out there.  While it has gotten easier over time and i have learned that i don't always have to eat meat, there is no way i could NOT eat meat for the rest of my life - no way in hell, actually!  Anyhoo, so this year, i decided to "take it up a notch" - i have given up meat AND beers.  It's been going well...altho, this past weekend, we finally made it up to the N. GA mountians and while everyone was chomping down on their BBQ chicken and hotdogs, i was eating Tilapia (cooked on the grill; quite good) and a bloody vege burger. 

I cannot tell a lie - the vege burger was edible.  The chef said that he couldn't really tell whether or not it was cooked because the appearance NEVER changed from the time it got on the grill to the time he took it off - WDF?!?!?  It was full of proteins (good thing i spose) but it didn't really have much of a flavour and it was kinda rubbery/hard/not the best texture. 

Now why in the name of EVERYTHING good, would i give up pork to eat that shit on a regular basis?????
it's been 1week...i have 4(?) more to go...OYE!!!!


  1. Hi Stacey,

    Enjoyed your post, you need to cook veg burgers with extra garlic and eat it with lots of spicy sauces.

    HBave a good day.
    Keep warm.

  2. I wish you best for the next few weeks.

  3. give the portobello a try, i'm telling you!

  4. Hey chic!!

    You're always in my thoughts. Keep positive and yes do season the veggie burger with alot more spices and you will be able to taste the difference. Ah wearing de orange right now!!

    Take care!!


  5. hey! Thanks Donna...I hear congratulations are in order...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    u coming to the party at the Society later? 6-8..if u catch a flight now, u will make it on time :-)