Tuesday, March 9

Physical Therapy

I've been going to a physical therapist.

While exercising and working out will help in the long run (so they say), I didn't think that i was getting what i wanted/needed from doing anything on my own.  I've shared already that sometimes after doing my thing at the house, i could barely walk and quite frankly, i just wasn't sure if that was really the right thing to do.  If i didn't push myself, i felt as if I was doing nothing, but on the flip side, if i pushed myself, then i was of no use to anyone after the fact.  I made the executive decision that i needed some one on one attention with someone who could give me some targeted exercises to help me with the situation i am in.

On one of the nights that i went to the workshop at the MS Society, i asked 1 of the associates for a list of Physical Therapists with whom they are affiliated or work closely with on a regular basis.  She gave me the list, i called my insurance company to see what coverage i might have for PT (how excited was I that PT was included in my plan!), chose a PT close to the house and have been going to see her since the end of February.

i don't know if it's mind over matter or the stretches and exercises that she's taught me really are worth something, but i have seen an improvement *maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all*!  I am able to stay on my feet and walk around for much longer than before - don't get me wrong, i still have "issues" but the onset is after a longer period of time.

I will admit too, that now that i'm actually seeing improvement, i am more motivated to continue (altho i was a slacker for most of last week and didn't do what i was supposed to (but that's another story)).  Did I mention that my appt. with my neurologist is 3/23?

so... between these exercises and the new medication, maybe - just maybe - things will be back to normal sometime in the near future.


  1. Oh I'm so happy that there is real tangible progress for you!!! YAY!

  2. I Like, I like and I'm looking forward to 3/23! Good news during MS week, Yeah! Btw, they had a large group of people on the Today show this morning supproting MS week. MOVE IT!

  3. yes...thanks. I can actually see and feel improvement, so this is GREAT news :-) I just hope it continues...

    i didn't see it, but u see i saw it on the MS Society's wall and posted on my page.

  4. I'm sure glad that you're seeing some significant progress. On the rare occasion that we do get to lime, watching you suffer is not easy on a bredren. News like this lifts the spirits; looking forward to more good news.

  5. i cant wait myself- i really find that you were standing up for a much longer period at those parties the other night!

  6. love the progress,dont push it though.

  7. nah...not pushing it...and with my PT, things are looking much better.