Tuesday, March 23

My MS is Temperamental!

If it's one thing i absolutely HATE about having this fleckin disease is not knowing what is going to happen from day to day.  It acts up when and IF it feels like, regardless of what i think/want.  I went to FL this past weekend...got in around 2 Friday morning and left Monday nite.  I totally maximized my time there...hold on, i HAVE to tell this story...

For those of you who have been thru Hartsfield Internation Airport in Atlanta, it's HUGE! 
5 concourses with a train between each to take you where u need to go...anyhoo, so i check in and get my chair and i'm on my way to gate A1. Looooooooooooonnnnnnng story short, the fligh was delayed and because of mechanical problems, the original aircraft couln't be used...they had to find another plane for us.  No biggie, cept that it's sitting at gate B24!!!  F**KIN-A!  by this time, the wheelchair attendant is long gone...so i have to go ask the gate agent to call someone else to take me over there...i am very polite and soft spoken (again others might disagree, but i am), so i go over and POLITELY ask that agent to call for assistance.  Her response, "WHAT??  U CAN'T WALK???"  I really had a few choice words for her, but i bit my tongue and said. "Stacey. be nice...she has to help u...WTF???  was she serious???  would i ask for a chair if i didn't need it???  anyhoo...as usual, i digress.  I FINALLY get to FL and find out that i actually scored a 2fer deal.  Not only do i get the heat/sun in FL, but Machel Montano (one of the biggest soca artists from Trinidad) will be there the same weeked to perform!  WOOOOHOOOO!!!!  Can't beat that with a bat! 

Anytime i travel, i'm a wee-bit concerned about what could happen...well i am happy to report that this trip, i really had no problems...i was actually able to stand on my chair for his performance and walk out afterward with no major issues.  I was thrilled...in fact for the entire weekend in FL, i really didn't have much issue - can't really complain at all.  yet, as soon as i get back to Atlanta (40 degrees), i STRUGGLE to walk from the airport doorway to the car.  UGH!!!

I am beginning to think that the disease has morphed itself into an "island" disease and it too, hates and acts up more in the cold temperatures.


  1. Well have to say the soft spoken Stax mentioned above was no where to be seen in the Machel performance....and for those now finding out about you relationship to MS...they were quite concerned about you dancing/wining/waving on the chair....
    I am officially back and caught up :-)

  2. How frustrating for it to be all over the place! At least you got to see Machel and enjoy all that entails!

    Hey I was looking around for reviews on sketchers shape-ups and found several people with MS raving about how much it helped them in the reviews -so I wanted to let you know.

  3. Ok,soft spoken if that's what you want to say. I will go with that.

    And yes,you couldn't have picked a better weekend. It was perfect!

  4. Dee, thanks for that info...i'll have to check that out.