Thursday, March 25

Muscle Relaxants

i already mentioned that my neuro prescribed the muscle relaxants for my Spasticity.  Well one of the side effects is drowsiness.  I work from home and so EVERYTHING is done virtually; meetings, presentations - everything.

Well, today i was on a conference call - an hour long one (i honestly believe that as a company we spend waaaaay too much time on calls, but that is jes me; as usual, i digress).  I was sleepy beyond belief!  It took so much out of me NOT to fall asleep.  I didn't really focus on the blasted call because i was so focused on NOT fallin asleep.  At 1 point, i think i almost might have been just as i caught myself from falling off meh damn chair!!!!

I have another call tomorrow from 3-4:30...wish me luck!!!  I really really hope that this is not what i have to endure for the next 6 months or so; i may have to look into other options.


  1. I have the same problem with allergy meds. The non drowsy ones don't work as well as the drowsy ones for me. Good luck on that call 3:00pm is a drowsy time of the day even when you are not on meds

  2. tell me about it...i will have to update u on how it went :-)

  3. Ugh- an 90 min conference call will do me in every time -esp on a Friday afternoon! WOWZA! Good Luck!

  4. chile and is EVERY friday; it's my team's a struggle when things are normal. far less for now.

  5. wizzy the stick got it rite.probably u should not take it before a conf. skip a dose. Roms

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