Wednesday, March 10

Island Girl

I have said it before...i will say it again, "I AM AN ISLAND GIRL!!!"  I cannot stand the cold.  I don't mind cool temperatures, but i love the heat.  Now don't get me wrong, i can do without the sticky humidity and all that shit, but the hotter the temperature, the better for me.

Well, i think that this rings true also in my MS an earlier post, i talked about heat exacerbating the symptoms and luckily for me, i haven't experienced that.  What i have experienced for sure, is EXTRA stiffness in the COLD!!

Now, i am sure that everyone gets a little stiffer in the cold, that's only natural right? but can u imagine trying to get into a car and not being able to bend ur legs???  WDF?????  Saturday nite, we went to a party.  It was a club tuh boot, don't remember the last time i did that (so not my style anymore! between the natives and their monkey glands, people stepping on meh foot, 1 fella actually coffed me in meh belly as he was walking past - what the?!?!?! but i digress).  Anyhoo, so at the end of the nite, time to go home; I wasn't driving so the driver went and brought the car around.  G climbed in the back seat first and then i tried to follow and!  what the my left leg in okay-ish, but why couldn't i bend my right leg to get in????  I was soooooooo stiff, it wasn't even funny.

Anyhoo, i'm happy to report that Spring looks like it's finally coming to Atlanta - doh mind we had a snow storm last week!  It's been in the high 50s and 60s for the past 4/5 days straight so hopefully Ole Man Winter is on his way out...i'm ready for it - i've been hibernating for the past 4 months and i'm starting to slowly wake up!

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  1. Warm weather girl myself. The kind who wears socks and earmuffs indoors when visiting relatives in Canada. I HATE the cold. Fun for a holiday but I am thankful that I do not live and worse yet have to go to work in it!