Tuesday, March 16

So Far So Good

Everything I've found out about the new medication so far is good news...

  1. IT IS now AVAILABLE!!!
  2. The manufacturers have negotiated a price of $40/month for privately insured patients (hoping that i fall in this category; can't imagine that i don't)
  3. The specialty pharmacy I use for my other medication has it and will be able to mail it to me (also hoping that this would be the case so i wouldn't have to search out a new pharmacy)
Next Step:
  • Go to my doctor and getting the prescription!
Everything couldn't be looking so good and then i go to him on 3/23 and he doesn't want to prescribe it for me could it?  I am the biggest pessimist that u'll ever meet, but i am being very positive right now.   I cannot believe that he won't want to prescribe it for me - that is just NOT an option.

Anyhoo, so mark ur calendars!  :-)  3/23 @ 2:30, one week from today, i go to him.  You will get the news on 3/24 :-)

I couldn't think of an suitable picture, so enjoy a picture of me, since this post is somewhat personal