Thursday, March 4

the Last Night; my Support Group Part III

Last night was the final session of the workshop.  The group is going to try to keep it going informally just so that we can meet and keep in touch with each other. 
  • Last nite, 1 of the chicks said that this was the first workshop/seminar that she's been to where everyone was at the same level. She's been to other workshops where people were in wheelchairs or the MS was so advanced that she didn't feel as if they were "like her".
  • This was the first time EVER for me that i have even been around other people with MS...I know now FOR SURE that i'm not alone.
  • We've found that many of us have had doctors who insisted that whatever we were going thru at the time was not the MS but at the same time, couldn't tell us what it was.  That's most frustrating!!!  Now we can bounce ideas, symptoms and thoughts off each other. 
U know they say that "misery loves company" and for those reasons alone, we are definitely going to meet informally going forward.  The "official" workshop is over, but we all live in the area and have exchanged numbers and email addresses so that we can make it work.

I now have Support Group Part III.


  1. It sounds like you all may come up with something solid that will help MS. Keep it going, nice!

  2. Good Stuff Lady!