Wednesday, March 3

Ampyra Updates

So, I've found out a little more about the new medication.  Remember the last thing i discovered was that it would cost $1056 for a 30-day supply?  Well i was on the manufacturer's site yesterday and found out that:
  1. Some patients meeting a certain income requirement may be able to get it at no cost! (i can dream on about this - i am almost positive that i won't qualify)
  2. Other patients who are on Medicare Part D (as opposed to A, B or C?) may be able to get some kind of financial assistance
  3. Yet another subset of patients with private insurance (this is where I fall) may be able to get it for a copay of $40
WOOHOO!!!  I think that i can handle $40 a month for my medication.  The drug is also only going to be available thru specialized pharmacies and will be mailed to patients - it won't be available at ur local CVS.  I already use one of those pharmacies so here's hoping that mine will carry it and it won't be too much of a hassle for me to get it.  Altho, i will say that NOT having to fork out $1K a month is plenty to be happy about even if i have to run around the place like a chicken without a head to actually get it mailed to me.

There is also a Webcast being held on March 17th that i plan on attending; hopefully some of my questions will be answered there.

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  1. This is good news. We are getting some where. Nice!