Saturday, February 20

Countdown is On!

the countdown to visiting my doctor to getting a prescription for the new drug - they say it will be available in March (no date - i figure i'll go to him sometime in the middle of the month)...i wonder if he'll agree with me that i am a good candidate for the drug.  Will he "fight" me with my decision to go on it?  Isn't it ultimately my decision?

I've learned that the drug will a little over $1000 for a 30day supply!!  Whoa!  How much of that will my insurance cover?  UGH!  The good news is that my current medication (the lovable daily shot!) cost more than that as far as i know, so maybe $1k is small change and the insurance company will gimme a break..

Will the damn thing even work??!?!?!

Right now i have more questions than answers...hopefully these questions will be answered during the next month or so, but until then - fingers, toes, eyes, legs r all crossed and I'm hoping for the best.

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  1. Be worry free! What I know is that no matter what you are going to be just fine.