Thursday, February 11

MS Awareness Week

okay...i know that this is early, but i letting allyuh know from now so that u can plan ahead (wear orange - that's our colour)! :-)

MS Awareness Week is March 8-14 2010.  For those in the Atlanta area, the MS Society, GA Chapter is having a "Move It" party on 3/11 (thursday) from 6-8pm...

"MS Awareness Week 2010 marks the Society’s fifth annual coordinated MS Awareness Week efforts. In past years our call to action around the week has encouraged people to Join the Movement. This year, we will build on the groundswell of the MS movement that continues to gain momentum, not only during MS Awareness Week but every day".


"The goal of MS Awareness Week is to acknowledge people who are a part of the movement, invite new people to join the movement, and encourage everyone to “move it” during MS Awareness Week to take at least one action to demonstrate their commitment to a world free of MS."

So join us as we “Move It” in 2010 and beyond!

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