Wednesday, December 16

Heat + MS=Disaster

I'll tell anyone up here without skipping a beat that "I'm an island girl".  I practically grew up on the equator in Trinidad.  I knew nothing of cold weather and snow and jackets and gloves and...I can go on and on...I've been in Atlanta for 18 years (gasp!) and every year handling winter gets worse for me - for instance, this year i'm hibernating.  if i ever leave da A, i will be moving south - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HEAT!!  this cold weather truly is for the dogs!

My Home and Our Flag "lucky" am I that heat exacerbates Multiple Sclerosis???  For an MS patient, alot of times summer is dreaded because, if displaying symptoms at that time, the heat will/could worsen the symptom.  The "good" thing about this is that once the body temperature cools down, the symptoms (writing this blog has taught me that i cannot spell that word on the first try) are generally rapidly reversed.  It is suggested that, among other things, we (patients):
  • Stay in air conditioned areas (i really don't enjoy a/c - esp when i'm in the car and driving; "G" absolutely hates it because i dunno, but I'm beginning to think that she actually didn't grow up in Trinidad afterall)
  • Use cooling products during any outdoor activity
  • Exercise in a cool pool
  • Drink "icy" drinks that may provide temporary relief
(as a side note, i must mention here that sometimes the flip side is true too - there are patients who are affected by the cold! - that's MS for u)

I am yet to experience any exacerbation of any symptom during summer OR if i did, it wasn't so marked that i noticed.  Oh well, as i mentioned before I'm hibernating this year AND I AM counting down the days to being able to drive with my car windows AND sunroof open!


  1. I did not see or hear any complaints about drinking "icy" drinks that may provide temporary relief !!!

  2. LOL!! "icy" drinks are always good. yuh fas

  3. i thought de same ting as krista ha ha.

  4. I was thinking the same thing Krista was thinking.