Tuesday, December 8


has taken on a new meaning for me.  Back in the day in Atlanta, i was 1 of the students; we would get to the fete (party) and IT WAS ON!!!  d fete/wine now start!

That was then...

those days are gone...I was at the Destra/Faye Ann concert here earlier this year, standing at the back (with my chair!) and someone came up to me and said, "what u doing here? this is not u...u supposed to be in the middle of the crowd up there."  He was one of those people who used to be at those parties back in the day and knew me.  I told him the truth, briefly - sometimes it's just easier to tell the truth - me cyah bother lie.  That truth is that I am stiff a whole helluva lot, will start to dance/wine and then be out of time because of the stiffness/shit going on with my legs/feet.  Half the time too, i'm afraid that i might lose my balance and fall.  *GASP*; so not cool...so i just lime on the sidelines/in the back and enjoy from there.

so fete now start - on the sidelines, but we jes listening to the music and watchin everybody else get on bad; that can be almost as much fun.

Feting on the Sidelines

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  1. Does J know that is the picture you choose to show from fete-in back in de day...lol