Friday, December 11

My Good Deed

I gave blood yesterday.  I've been doing so for a while least since 2007 and it never gets any easier; the diameter of the needle is (-----) at least that. oye! (k, maybe a slight exageration on my part, i'm known for that, but it's close).  It sill hurts and practically leaves a hole in my arm.  I tell the associate EVERY single time that they have 1! shot and that's it - no do overs, poking around trying to find the vein, none of that.  If u miss on ur first try is ah hard luck (too bad)!  Not my problem

i'm a pint low...u have to forgive me for not writing anymore today - i get 1! free pass.

Join the American Red Cross and become a blood donor today!

1 comment:

  1. I must say I look forward to your blogs on a daily basis. I love the way you make us understand what's going on with you in
    a funny way. I think your an under cover comedian, Ha, HA!