Tuesday, May 18

MS Walk Atlanta

A few pictures from the event...okay so we forgot the camera so we only have a few pictures of our group "Trinis & Friends Against MS"- not the entire event but enjoy anyway...
                           The Group!
                                                                        Walkers! (thanks folks!)


Someone had to stay with me in the park to wait for everyone else to get back :-)

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  1. I love the shirts!! We used to have an old man that came into my work all the time... he would slowly make the climb up the stairs (even though we begged him to just ring the bell and we'd come down to him), and when he was at the top of the stairs (it'd take him damn-near 5 minutes), he'd start the conversation with, "Hey there, purdy-lady. I don't have MS... I'm just drunk."

    Usually, he had/was both. :)