Monday, May 16

Back to Normal

last week Thursday was the 1st nite since my ordeal that i didn't feel dizzy, so apart from a faint red spot under my eye, i am back to my 100%.  whew!  hopefully i won't have any more horror stories to tell for a while...someone told me last week that I'm due for a quiet non eventful next few months and i completely agree.  In fact if that is the last "drama-filled, falling" story ever, I wont' complain at all!

Atlanta carnival is coming up on Memorial weekend so getting ready for cooler fete this weekend; it's the 1 fete i actually look forward to every year because it is generally very good.  Last year at cooler fete, i had my 6 Kaliber in it because i wasn't drinking - LOL!  good times/memories.   Atlanta carnival has soooooo much potential (it's the 1st one in N. America, it's on a holiday weekend) but it's absolutely NOTHING to write home about (so unfortunate).  in fact, we will just be liming hard (harder than usual) as opposed to doing anything "carnival like" - I think; I actually thought about going to FL that weekend instead.

Anyhoo, so things are normEl on my end; no stress, no worries and things are right with the world once more!


  1. bout time!!


  2. Hi Stacey,
    Glad to read you are ok and its not ms but a sinus infection.

    What a relief for you, now you can relax.

    Sorry I have not been visiting much recently.
    Since I have been spending more time sitting in my wheelchair I have not been visiting.

    I just passed by to say hello.
    I hope you are doing well.

  3. @ Dee - Yes normal is good! even my "normal" :-)

    hi Herrad, thanks for stopping by - u keep ur head up!