Tuesday, May 31

Trini Terms according to Stax

so a friend/reader who is Trinidadian and enjoys reading suggested that i create a glossary of terms for the Trini slang/terms that i use.  i have the disclaimer of "lime" at the top of the page and most times i remember to put the meaning/translation in brackets, but when i don't, anyone can refer to my new page "(my) Trini Terms Dictionary".  I have "my" in brackets as a reminder that this is MY dictionary and meanings may differ from the Cote Ci Cote La (the official Trini dictionary) - yes it exists.

Something i hear often is, "i like those Trini terms" or "trying to keep up with all the Trini terms" so i thought that the glossary of sorts is a good idea.

so it's a work in progress - i've included the link at the top...fellow Trinidadians, feel free to send me suggestions or additional/better meanings if u wish!

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