Tuesday, May 31

What I Miss the Most

the ability to dance!

I'm talkin bout "bussin ah wine (the Trini dance for soca - gyrating ur hips to the music with ot without a partner(s))", ballroom dancing, any kind of dance.  I've mentioned before that i cyah (cannot) wine no more - wining with a cane and a stiff left leg  (my left side is the problem side - it's weaker, the left leg is generally the stiff one (it always wants to be straight)) is not pretty and does not feel right, so wining is out of the question.  All i can do these days is listen to the music, sway side to side (a slight mini wine if u will) and use my cane as a prop to stomp to the beat and in fact Saturday nite, i used it as my flag/rag and was wavin it in the air :-) - UGH!!!

I used to dance when i was growing up - modern dance - and always loved it.  As i got older i wanted to learn how to tango, so bout 5 years ago, i signed up with a ballroom dancing school.  I was quite good, if i do say so myself, but had to drop out when i realized that i would need to rob a bank to continue.  I was able to afford the lessons at first, but as i advanced and got to the level where i could perform at exhibitions and such, the cost became too much and even though i might have gotten away without robbing the bank the 1st year - beyond that there was no telling.  So instead of risking jail for a hobby, i decided to let it go.  For the short time that i did it, i enjoyed myself thoroughly and as i mentioned, i was quite good.

Nowadays when i'm at a fete or see people dancing anywhere in general, i feel a tug at the heartstrings - it saddens me just a little.  When we're partying, most of my friends will come and take a wine on my chair or me (wish i had a picture to share) - just depending on the type of chair :-) and i love them for that - but it's just not quite the same.


  1. we can always harness you to a wall and then you can get all de scrub downs


  2. right right...yes that will sure work!

  3. well girl, even with two good legs I could not wine to save my life and cyar dance worth shit so I "party" just like you half the time :-)


  4. LOL!!!!

    good to know that i have a partner in crime :-)

  5. Doh the dance is in de heart and soul !!!!

  6. Ohhhh! It's been so long I forgot I missed it! Dancing that is. I remember the last time my good friend came and got the wheelchair and me and rolled around the dance floor. I know she meant well, but I have mixed emotions.

  7. Oh, how I miss the dancing! It was a joy and a love. I've written poems about it on my Peace Be With You blog:


    So glad to have found you through Lisa's blog.


  8. yes, I miss it too. http://doihavems.blogspot.com

  9. I don't believe in MS. They said i had it years ago and I found a way to be better than i ever was. You'd be surprised how the body can heal itself, but regular food just won't do. email me chiroii@yahoo. I'm more than happy to talk