Tuesday, May 3


I've heard of Vertigo - never experienced it...until Sunday nite....and oh my was it AWFUL!

U know when u're tite and the room starts spinning when u lie down?  Imagine that X 100!  oh my goodness, the room just wouldn't stop spinning!  it last about 6 secs, but i think it was 1 of the worst 6 secs of my life.  It really was just AWFUL!  it actually scared the shit out of me.  it only happened once that nite and then again Monday morning, but MUCH MUCH less violently and only for about 2 secs that time.  that's when i called the ER i went to when i fell; they suggested that i call my doctor's office.

I called and they told me to come in...i saw a doctor (mine doesn't work on Tuesdays!) and she told me that i'd sufferred from Benign Positional Vertigo. It commonly occurs after head trauma and gets better over time.  If it happened again she said that i'd have to go back in and pull up my MRI, which is scheduled for 6/3 right now.  Needless to say, i was ah lil afraid to lie down last nite (both times it happened, i was lying down), but luckily it didn't happen again.

Vertigo is something that happens to some MS patients...i'm hoping that the occurence was just as a result of my last fall and not an exacerbation/flare up coming on.

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